With 3 live cameras set up in the factory, you can watch Jim Monday–Saturday as he shapes, colors, and glasses. See when your board's on-deck in the schedule to the right and join in the discussion below.

boards in the lineup .... finished...... kim thorpe, dave biedenhard, tom tague (all EPS)... planshapes drawn and ready to be shaped....sid earley, danny domingo, mark snavely, jameson mcclelland, jeff kirkwood next in the rotation.., zack long, jj grey (2nd), , logan rosborough, nick littlefield, t.j. calise, scott cleary, mike chanatry, eric lawson, isaac bradley, patrick carter, danny adams, jeff schubart ,ryan hammers, max novena, jack vincenty, peter kent, chris de vries, dave allen(2) , corey clark, jeff demarco, dan saliamone